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This essential trains for: SAT-I, AMC-8, AMC-10, Math Kangaroo 7-8.

Read the problem once from start to end. Your goal is to create a logical model for the problem. Examples of such models are:

As part of building your model, summarizing the data of the problem in different ways may sometimes be of value.

Now read each sentence in turn and stop at the end of it.

Consider the logical implications of the sentence. Think how the information conveyed by the sentence could be used to build the logical model.

Try to update your model based on this information.

Repeat this process with each sentence until the end of the problem statement.

Refine your model based on the details obtained at each step.

Consider the question asked. How does the model allow you to answer this question?

Refine your model to reflect the question asked in the closest possible way.

Based on the model, imagine a solution path.

Execute the solution. At each step in execution, check back with the model and figure out if the model is adequate or not. You may need to change the model based on the difficulties encountered in execution.